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Workflow Examples #52414/HEAD / v410
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CSIP Jupyter Notebooks: Workflow Tutorials and Examples

The following examples demonstrate the use of CSIP services in client applications. Jupyter Notebooks are used to exercise the service setup and typical steps in example workflows. All Jupyter Notebooks are hosted on Google's Colaboratory. You will be able to view them. If you authenticate, you can run them on Google's Compute engine.

If you are not familiar with Jupyter Notebooks, here are some useful resources:

CSIP Introduction

This tutorial walks you through the basic process of preparing and executing service calls. This Notebook demonstrates the CSIP basics: exploring a service endpoints, invoking a service with input data and fetching the service output.

PRMS 4.0.3 CSIP Model Service

AgES CSIP Service and Particle Swarm Optimization Tutorial

Water Supply Forecasting using prms-python and CSIP

Timeseries Management Services


LAMPS Tutorial


ANN services