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Installation #17107/HEAD / v60
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OMS Installation

  • JDK 1.8. (The JRE is not sufficient to run OMS!)
  • ANT 1.8+ (Only if you need to build a model from within the Console)
  • GCC 4.+ (Only if you need to integrate native code in FORTRAN or C)

You need to set the JAVA_HOME environment variable, and let it point to your JDK install directory. See FAQ on how to so it if you are not sure. In addition, add the $JAVA_HOME/bin folder to your PATH variable.


  1. Unzip the OMS distribution into any folder. Get the OMS zip (oms-?.?.? file from the home page.
  2. Execute or console.bat in order to execute it.

On its first execution the console will install required jar files and configuration files into HOME/.oms. Those files are being used to run models, or an IDE can use those jar files during model development.