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Land-use and Agricultural Management Practices web-Service (LAMPS)#13580/v12
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Land-use and Agricultural Management Practices web-Service (LAMPS)[WAR-13580]

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Land-use and Agricultural Management Practices web-Service (LAMPS)

LAMPS provides crop rotation and management information for user-specified areas within the 48 contiguous states of the USA.
The LAMPS workflow links the following data sources:

  • annual crop data layers from the CropScape web service based on high-resolution remote sensing data for recent years provided by the National Agricultural Statistical Service,
  • maps of irrigated areas compiled by the U.S. Geological Survey, and
  • the Land Management and Operation Database (LMOD) by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service containing agricultural management practices.


LAMPS .request & .result description

How to use LAMPS

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May 17 2017 17:19
Page under development ...

Methods and exampling for deploying LAMPS to be added.

Apr 22 2016 09:11
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