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2.2 M1#10734/HEAD / v1
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2.2 M1[MST-10734]

Tracker: Milestones Priority: NormalNormal Submitted by: ktraffJan 29 2016 11:26


OMS now checks if a parameter has not been set from an external parameter file (*.csp). This might be OK if the default parameter value should be used. If the Parameter is required to be set from a csp file, this information might help troubleshooting. To allow OMS to check parameter settings, a Model attribute has to be checked as a parameter using its property dialog.

Example output, where 'params.csp' does not contain the setting of the model param 'soilMoistStorCap'. The default value of '35.0' will be used.

Executing : java -Druntime.props="C:\od\oms\oms2.1\nb5\thornthwaite\nb ...

  Loading File :C:\od\oms\oms2.1\nb5\thornthwaite\data\params.csp
  Output folder :C:\od\oms\oms2.1\nb5\thornthwaite\output\ThornthwaiteExampleSim\0016

 Unset Parameter :
Starting ...



Additional Luca Properties to be put into a CSP file and add this file to the set of parameter files:

e.g. efcarson_luca.csp:

@Properties, Parameter
 created by, od

@Properties, Luca
 created by, od

# Obs data set (static) 
@Property, obs_file,    "${prj.dir}/data/efcarson.csv"
@Property, obs_table,   "efcarson"
@Property, obs_column,  "runoff"

# simulated data set (dynamic)
@Property, sim_file,    "${sim.output}/Luca/efc.csv"
@Property, sim_table,   "Output"
@Property, sim_column,  "basin_cfs"

- Luca Simulation gets saved before entering the last step.

Variable outputs

We used to write:

 @Property, outAttrFile, "animas_xyz_files.csp"
  mpath, /@outAttrFile
 @Property, attrSet,     "set1"
  mpath, /@attrSet

 @Properties, "set1"

 @Property, date
 @Property, basin_tmin
 @Property, basin_tmax
 @Property, basin_ppt
 @Property, basin_pweqv
 @Property, basin_cfs
 @Property, basin_gwflow
 @Property, basin_ssflow
 @Property, basin_sroff
 @Property, basin_stflow
 @Property, runoff, 0

This can be changed the the code so that there is a simpler listing of the variables to print out:

 @Property, attrSet,    "date; basin_tmin; basin_tmax; basin_ppt; basin_pweqv; 
                         basin_cfs; basin_gwflow; basin_ssflow; basin_sroff;
  mpath, /@attrSet


  • no 'outAttrFile' needed anymore, it is gone in and the csp file.
  • only attrSet is needed.
  • No separate '@Properties' for output
  • all variables to output listed in order, separated by ';' (no comma!!!)
  • array elements can be multidimensional: 'abc(1,2)'
  • the whole thing should be put in quotes if there are
  • any multidimesional arrays (because of this file being CSV).

See PRMS repository for

Known issues

  • The sim/obs variable selection in the Luca Step 10 does not work yet.
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