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Field to Market Services 5 Oct 18 2016 15:41 odavid
All Services 5 Mar 21 2016 14:46 odavid

Known Boundary Services

The Known Boundary services were designed 1) to retrieve a list of the names of common boundaries (watersheds and cities) that intersect an an area of interest and 2) to retrieve the geometry of a desired common boundary.

The HUC watershed services extract the various USGS Hydrologic Unit Codes (HUC) that vary in size from regions (HUC-2) to watersheds (HUC-8) to sub-watersheds (HUC-12) and below (HUC-14). The city services extract the various 'incorporated places' boundaries based on the 2010 U.S. Census.

3 Oct 19 2016 12:14 tcwible

Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Accounting (COMET)

The NRCS designated tool for assessing the air quality greenhouse gas emission resource concern is COMET, containing functionality found in the COMET-Farm and COMET-Planner web applications developed by the Colorado State University Natural Resources Ecology Laboratory (NREL).

NREL has developed a COMET API available to other applications wanting access to the COMET computational engine. NRCS CDSI applications, such as the Conservation Desktop currently in development expect to call the COMET API for resource assessment of greenhouse gas emissions as field conservationists develop conservation plans and provide technical assistance to farmers and ranchers. The web services described in this document enable the flow of data between CDSI applications and the COMET-API. COMET-Planner also contains functionality to aid in the selection of conservation practices during the process of creating conservation system alternatives, and two services address this need.

2 Mar 31 2017 16:01 rumpal

CLEAN Dashboard (CLEAN) Services

The Center for Comprehensive, optimaL and Effective Abatement of Nutrients (CLEAN) was established to create knowledge, build capacity, and forge collaboration to develop and demonstrate sustainable solutions for reduction of nutrient pollution in the nation's water resources ( An outcome of this research was an integrated nutrient source analysis of watersheds in Colorado for baseline and scenario conditions. These services provide access to the results of the CLEAN analyses and are used by the CLEAN Dashboard in eRAMS to show changes in estimated nutrient conditions based on selected options. More information is available at:

2 Feb 28 2019 14:45 tcwible

Climate Services

4 Mar 20 2017 14:57 odavid

Colorado Watershed Prioritization

Summarized Healthy Watershed Indicators for HUC 8, 10, 12 watersheds in Colorado for prioritization selection.
3 Mar 04 2019 10:59 tcwible

Comprehensive Flow Analysis (CFA) Services

The Comprehensive Flow Analysis (CFA) services were designed to increase access to and unite the various topics of flow analysis into a single scalable web tool. Traditionally the various components of flow analysis including flooding, drought, base-flow, pollutant loading, and duration curves have been examined independently by various analysis methods or software packages.

These services include a statistical summary of time series data, a USGS Bulletin 17B approach to flood frequency analysis, a fitted regression to watershed drought analysis based on Salas (2005), baseflow separation by the BFLOW analysis (Arnold and Allen 1995), flow and load duration curve analyses (Cleland 2007), and the the USGS load estimation analysis LOADEST (Runkel et al., 2004).

8 Jan 08 2018 10:36 odavid

Conservation Delivery Streamlining Initiative (CDSI) Services

All model and data services supporting the NRCS CDSI effort.

8 Oct 18 2016 15:37 odavid

Conservation Resources Management Services

Management Services managing databases used for CR services

1 Oct 18 2016 16:20 odavid

Conservation Resources Land Management Operations Database (CR_LMOD)

4 Jun 21 2018 15:36 rumpal

Farm Irrigation Rating Index

3 Oct 19 2016 11:10 odavid
Grassland Resource Analysis System 7 Apr 19 2016 12:53 odavid
Testing a way to get a list of all GRAS trackers 5 May 25 2016 11:22 casesp

Groundwater Data Analysis Services

The groundwater data analysis was designed to increase access to and unite the various topics of groundwater into a single scalable web tool.

These services include a statistical summary of time series data.

3 Oct 19 2016 12:15 tcwible

River Hydraulics and Sediment Transport Analysis Services

The River Hydraulics and Sediment Transport Analysis (Hydraulics) services enable a user to analyze the hydraulic properties of a river cross section and it's related sediment transport rates.

Hydraulics calculates channel cross-section hydraulic properties including cross-sectional area, hydraulic radius, wetted, and top width. It also includes options for calculating the normal depth (Manning's equation) and critical depth of the cross-section. Sediment transport equations included in the services include Yang's Sand Total Load (1996), Brownlie's Total Load (1981), Martin and Church's revisitation of Bagnold's Bed Load (2000), Wilcock and Kenworthy's Two-phase Bed Load (2002), and a power-function rating curve.

5 Oct 19 2016 10:24 odavid
Hydrotools 9 Apr 22 2016 09:29 odavid

Integrated Climate and Land-Use Scenarios (ICLUS) Services

The Integrated Climate and Land-Use Scenarios (ICLUS) services were designed to extract ICLUS ( data (version 1 or 2) for an area of interest. This information is useful for modeling future changes in watershed characteristics.

2 Oct 19 2016 12:16 tcwible

Integrated Erosion Tool (IET) Services

The Integrated Erosion Tool (IET) services enable the analysis of soil erosion by water and wind using the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE2) and Wind Erosion Prediction System (WEPS) models developed by the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS). The services support a geospatial IET application extending the resource analysis functionality of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Customer Service Toolkit (CST) deployed to 2,800 agency county offices. CST has been used for several years to manage more than 1 million conservation plans on 300+ million acres of agricultural land. IET services also support the Keystone Center's Field to Market Initiative involving a consortium of public and private sector food supply chain organizations.

IET services calculate sheet/rill erosion, wind erosion, PM10 air particulate matter, soil condition index (SCI), and soil tillage intensity rating (STIR). In the coming months the ARS Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) model service will be added providing concentrated flow erosion, gully erosion, and sediment delivery calculations. The Rangeland Hydrology and Erosion Model (RHEM) model service will calculate soil erosion by water on rangeland.

13 Apr 27 2017 09:29 JRCarlson

Integrated Urban Water Model (IUWM) Service

The Integrated urban Water Model (IUWM) was designed to forecast urban water demand and project potential savings from conservation and use of alternative water resources over varying climatic conditions and land uses.

5 Oct 19 2016 12:17 tcwible
Land-use and Agricultural Management Practices web-Service 2 Apr 19 2016 13:38 odavid
Land Management Operations Database Services 4 Apr 19 2016 13:05 odavid

Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) Service

The Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) service was designed to gain access to a number of MCDA models to assist in selecting 'optimal' solutions from a series of alternatives.

MCDA models included in the service are the weighted average method (WAM), compromise programming (CP), Promethee II, and analytical hierarchy process (AHP).

2 Oct 19 2016 12:17 tcwible

National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NADP) Extraction Service

The National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NADP) annual load service was designed to extract annual load estimate rasters for an area of interest.

Deposition data is currently available for total nitrogen.

3 Oct 19 2016 12:21 tcwible

National Land Cover Dataset (NLCD) Extraction Service

The National Land Cover Dataset (NLCD) Extraction Service was designed to extract land cover raster maps for an area of interest.

Currently land cover and impervious maps are available for extraction.

2 Oct 19 2016 12:23 tcwible
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