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Comprehensive Flow Analysis (CFA)#18434/v6
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Comprehensive Flow Analysis (CFA)[WAR-18434]

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Planned Release Date: -- Actual Release Date: Apr 19 2016 16:07 Planned End-Of-Life Date: --
Story Points: -- Created by: odavidApr 19 2016 16:01 Modified by: tcwibleFeb 11 14:07
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Comprehensive Flow Analysis Services

The CFA tool is available through the Environmental Risk Assessment Management System (eRAMS) website. eRAMS facilitates GIS data manipulation, visualization, and preparation of input information for models lik CFA. The Cloud Services Innovation Platform (CSIP) to manages services supporting the analyses within CFA.

Notes about Data Sources:

- All Data sources are accessed through the csip-lib-water library

- USGS Data extracted from the National Water Information System (NWIS) by encoded url (i.e. station id, begin/end dates, parameter type):

- STORET Data extracted from the Water Quality Data Portal (by the National Water Quality Monitoring Council) Web Services:

- CDWR Data extracted from the Colorado Decision Support System (CDSS) REST Services:

More Information

- Further information is available at:

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Tracker:   CSIP > Services found 13 records

Service Name Status Context Type Path Version Endpoints
Deployed csip-cfa Model m/cfa/timeseries15min 1.0
Deployed csip-cfa Model m/cfa/baseflow 1.0
Deployed csip-cfa Data m/cfa/download 1.0
Deployed csip-cfa Model m/cfa/drought 1.0
Deployed csip-cfa Model m/cfa/flood 1.0
Deployed csip-cfa Model m/cfa/durationcurve 1.0
Deployed csip-cfa Model m/cfa/durationcurve 1.0
Deployed csip-cfa Model m/cfa/loadest 1.0
Deployed csip-cfa Model m/cfa/regionalfdc 1.0
Deployed csip-cfa Model m/cfa/stagedischarge 1.0
Deployed csip-cfa Model m/cfa/timeseries 1.0
Deployed csip-cfa Model m/cfa/errorstats 1.0
Deployed csip-cfa Data m/cfa/storetservice 1.0

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